Emil Ordukhanyan - South Caucasus: New Era of Regional Stability or New Challenges to Peace-Building? THE ROLE OF CIVIC PARTICIPATION IN THE ARMENIA'S VELVET REVOLUTION WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT? Artsakh: discours conflictuel ou pacifiste? - Emil Ordukhanyan Emil Ordukhanyan - The Peculiarities of Democratization in Post-Soviet Countries: Current Situation and Trends  The Issue of Correlation between Political Discourse and Political Culture by Emil Ordukhanyan Youtube Video Meeting and Discussion with political scientist Emil Ordukhanyan Democracy Index: Factors Affecting Democracy in Armenia - Arusyak Aleksanyan The Cooperation between Ruling Elites in the Process of Political Decision Making and the Concept of Consociational Democracy - Lilit Chichoyan Hayk Sukiasyan - Consociational Future for South Caucasus societies Consociational Democracy in the Context of National Interests’ Modernization - Gurgen Simonyan Levon Shirinyan - World Order in XXI Century

25th World Congress of Political Science 2018

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RDS is an educational program in political science, staffed by professionals. All the educational tasks have to be examined in the light of the civilizational paradigm. (more…)


Call for Papers

Transformations de la polity européenne en temps de crises

Université catholique de Louvain
Mons, Belgium
3 April, 2017 – 4 April, 2017
Application Deadline: 1 November, 2016



Call for Papers

Consociational Democracy: Political Morphology and Potential of Realization” Application deadline for the conference is 20 September 2016.


The Armenian Political Science Website is founded in 2014 by Emil Ordukhanyan. APSW is a professional area for the study of different issues in the field of political science. It brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational efforts within and outside academe in order to expand awareness and understanding of political science.  APSW also aims to show the research activities and publications of political scientists, especially regarding the Armenian political issues. It gives the opportunity to publish online scientific articles in the field of political science.


As a professional website for the study of political science, APSW focuses on the following main objectives:


  • Promoting scholarly research and communication.
  • Promoting high quality teaching and education about political science.
  • Strengthening the professional environment for political science.
  • Serving the public, including the preparation of citizens to be effective citizens and political participants.


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